Tiger Promotes SMART RBM in TNBS

The Sumatran Tiger project held a socialization meeting with stakeholders in TN Berbak-Sembilang to provide information on the Sumatran Tiger project. The meeting, which was held throughout March 2017, aims to build communications and shared perceptions about the project as well as a pre-condition for the implementation of project activities.

In this meeting the parties present to give attention and support to the implementation of the SMART-RBM (SMART (Spatial Monitoring and Reporting Tool – Resort Based Management) in TNBS. Application of the SMART-RBM is very important given the SMART-RBM is one of the main tools in the management of Conservation area and is the entrance to the achievement of Sumatran Tiger project targets.

The meeting was concluded, increasing the capacity and number of TNBS human resources needed, especially for the application of the SMART-RBM through training and capacity building of personnel. For that the facilities and infrastructure for the implementation of SMART-RBM TNBS needs to be fulfilled and equipped as needed.

Active involvement of relevant agencies (Forest Service of Jambi, Jambi BKSDA, Hall PPHKL Sumatra) is required in project activities, considering these agencies are beneficiaries of the project.


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