Tiger Supports SMART System Development

The Sumatran Tiger project is providing computer equipment that will be used for SMART patrol database. The computer equipment provided consist of 4 Desktop computer units equipped with UPS, 4 laser jet printers, 4 portable WiFi units and 1 unit of scanner ADF (Automatic Document Feeder).

Using SMART database computer equipment, patrolling data and activities can be properly recorded so that patrol activities can be improved, monitored and analyzed in the future planning.

The availability of computer equipment for SMART data center is the first stage for establishing the SMART system in Berbak Sembilang National Park (TNBS). TNBS will assign personnel who become SMART operators through the head of the ballade.

Furthermore, SMART operator training will be conducted by the partner of International Non Government Organization, Zoological Society of London (ZSL). The submission of the computer will be done after the SMART implementation training on 21-25 August.

In order to build the SMART system, the project also supports SMART forest protection patrol activities by Balai TNBS. Prior to the implementation of patrols conducted a patrol preparation briefing with ZSL speakers. In the preparatory meeting ZSL explained the SMART-based patrol implementation techniques to optimize support from the project.

The SMART-based Patrol activities that have been implemented are Tiger Protection Patrol Unit (TPPU) patrols managed by ZSL involving several TNBS Polhut officers.


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