Assessing Effectiveness of TNKS Area Management

Kerinci Seblat National Park Office (TNKS) held an assessment of the effectiveness of conservation area Management using Management Effectiveness Tracking Tool (METT) method on 23-24 August 2017, at Jaya Wisata Hotel 2, Sungai Penuh Municipality of Jambi Province. This activity is supported by the Transforming Effectiveness of Biodiversity Conservation in Sumatra Priority Landscape (Sumatran Tiger) project.

Today is the second day of the appraisal process, so that the afternoon will be targeted to get the result score and recommendation of efforts to improve the management of TNKS area. The first day of the event is filled with agendas: a brief overview of the Management Performance of TNKS; Presentation from relevant facilitators METT Assessment of Conservation Areas in Indonesia; Filling Data Sheet 1. Site Reporting of Protected Area; And filling in Data Sheet 2. Threat of Protected Area.

Based on the principles of assessment of the effectiveness of conservation area management, TNN METT assessment is also attended by several related parties located around the area of ​​TNKS, namely: KPHP Kerinci, KPHP Merangin, KPH Limau Unit VII Hulu Sarolangun, BAPPEDA Kerinci, BAPPEDA Merangin, BAPPEDA of Muko-muko Regency, Forest Program II KFW and also Fauna and Flora International. The number of participants involved in the assessment process is 37 people.

Through this activity is expected to increase the effectiveness of TNKS area management. This is in line with the objectives of the Sumatran Tiger project: Improving biodiversity conservation efforts in priority landscapes in Sumatra, through the implementation of best management practices in protected areas and adjacent production areas, using tiger recovery as an indicator of success.


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