Implementing SMART in Gunung Leuser National Park

Transforming Effectiveness of Biodiversity Project Conservation in Priority Sumatran Landscapes (Sumatran Tiger Project) conducted training on implementation of SMART-based Patrol Data Collection and Reporting System for Resort Team Scope of BPTN-I Tapaktuan – Gunung Leuser National Park Center.

This activity is part of efforts to build management of national park at site level in safeguarding and protecting area of ​​Gunung Leuser National Park BPTN-I Tapaktuan area. This activity was held for 2 days between 13-14 August 2018, which was held in Tapaktuan, South Aceh.

This activity aimed to improve skills and understanding of SMART Patrol team at site level in dealing with routine data collection, reporting system and SMART-based Patrol procedures in accordance with current requirements.

The event was attended by a total of 31 participants in scope of SPTN-I Blangpidie (Aceh Barat Daya) and SPTN-II Kluet (Aceh Selatan) within BPTN in Area I-Tapaktuan region.

This activity was organized by technical team from Gunung Leuser National Park Office, with support from facilitator team’s from WCS IP and funding from GEF-UNDP Sumatran Tiger Project.


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