Journalists Visit Gunung Leuser National Park

Sumatran Tiger Project has just finished facilitating a journalist’s visit to Gunung Leuser National Park between 27-29 August 2018. The visit aims to get to know more about the area’s protection activities, especially SMART patrol activities at the Bukit Lawang Resort.

On first day of the visit, the team held discussion with Head of Technical Conservation Division at Gunung Leuser National Park Office, Mr. Adhi Nurul Hadi and his team continued by trip to Bukit Lawang Resort on the second day.

At Bukit Lawang, a team consisting of Journalists from the Kompas Daily, The Jakarta Post, Sumatran Tiger PMU Staff and PIU Staff and WCS Staff, met with the Independent Patrol Team led by Misno.

The independent patrol team received support from Sumatran Tiger Project both in funding and capacity building through partner’s assistance, WCS or Wildlife Conservation Society Indonesia.

The journalist team interviewed all members of patrol team to learn from successful implementation of SMART patrol in Bukit Lawang Resort. In 2017, Misno and the team patrolled 10 times in 96 days with total km walked reaching 204.54 km, almost the same distance as Jakarta to Cirebon.

Findings by SMART patrol team at field became the basis of national park’s planning and decision making to protect Gunung Leuser National Park. The success became positive example in conducting more efficient and effective patrol system, especially when dealing with various kinds of threats in national park areas such as encroachment, hunting, etc.

The SMART patrol team also raised awareness in community on the importance of national park protection and monitored environmental resources and wildlifes to sustain national park area.


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