MoEF and UNDP Indonesia Visit Berbak Sembilang NP

Ministry of Environment and Forestry and UNDP Indonesia, supported by Sumatran Tiger Project just completed field visits from 28-30 January 2019 to Berbak Sembilang National Park. In this activity, the parties checked various developments and achievements of Sumatran Tiger Project in Berbak Sembilang National Park.

Berbak Sembilang National Park Authority has developed “situational room” to collect SMART patrol data from the field and documented findings for use in decision-making in protection, preservation and utilization of national parks. Some endangered and protected species in this area are Sumatran tiger and tapir. Sembilang National Park is also a Ramsar site and is spot for migratory water birds.

Team from Ministry of Environment and Forestry and UNDP Indonesia also witnessed technical training in wetland ecosystem management implemented by Yapeka to improve management effectiveness in Sembilang Berbilang National Park which is a habitat for Sumatran tiger, Asian elephant, Asian tapir, siamang, gold cats, sambar deer, estuaries crocodiles, Sembilang fish, giant freshwater turtles, freshwater dolphins and various bird species.

On second day, the team also visited Simpang Bungur Post, Air Hitam Dalam using two speedboats to observe condition of wetland ecosystem. The team camped in this area to witness the challenges of managing Berbak Sembilang ecosystem and solutions at field.

MoEF and UNDP Indonesia team also visited Rantau Rasau Village, the oldest village in Tanjung Jabung Timur District to witness participatory GIS mapping and training by PILI Green Network. The team met Rantau Rasau Village Head and witnessed the training that was expected to be an innovative resolution of tenurial conflict around Sungai Rambut Resort, Berbak Sembilang National Park.

The team also observed human and tiger conflict mitigation solutions at Berbak Sembilang National Park in Telago Limo Village, where Sumatran Tiger Project with its partner, ZSL, created a mural at village hall to increase public’s awareness on the importance of Sumatran tiger and other wildlife and plants. The village hall that is used for meetings and community activities – including weddings – is the right location to increase community awareness.


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