Coordination to Handle Human and Wildlife Conflict

Sumatran Tiger Project, supported coordination meeting on Tuesday, June 18, 2019, to handle human wildlife conflict at BKSDA (Center for Natural Resources Conservation) office, North Sumatra. This coordination meeting is also an effort to respond to current trend of increasing human and wildlife conflicts in the area.

In a meeting chaired by Head of North Sumatra’s BBKSDA, Regent of Padang Lawas, Ali Sutan and people of Padang Lawas Regency, offered supports to overcome human and wildlife conflicts. Communities in Padang Lawas realized Sumatran Tiger is protected animals and needed government support to save these endangered species.

Responding to human and tiger conflict, Padang Lawas District Government has extended Social Emergency Decree until 27 June 2019, which was a follow-up to the parties’ meeting on 14 June 2019 in Sibuhuan.

In this meeting, Governor of North Sumatra gave instruction to not to shoot / kill Sumatran Tiger in Padang Lawas. The meeting also discussed development of Desa Mandiri Konflik or Conflict Resilient Village and alternative economy for people in conflict-affected areas. This year there is no expansion for plantation in North Sumatra Province. Community economic empowerment will involve plantation companies through CSR mechanisms or corporate social responsibility.

The parties participating in this meeting also agreed to immediately revise the North Sumatra Governor’s Decree regarding the Coordination Team and the Task Force on Controlling of Wild Animal Conflict in North Sumatra Province. This revision must include National Disaster Management Agency and financing using available CSR and Local Government Funds.

Short-term solution to human and wildlife conflict, stakeholders agreed to carry out several activities:

1. Building tiger proof enclosures in conflict-prone areas.

2. Developing Conflict Resilient Villages: forming task force teams, Community training, initiate village funds for conflict mitigation team. WCS is willing to help initiate and provide training in developing Conflict Resilient Village in conflict-prone areas, with assistants from North Sumatra Regency and BBKSDA.

3. Encouraging companies to implement their responsibility stated in their RKL (Environmental Management Plan) and RPL (Environmental Monitoring Plan).

4. Strengthening local wisdom that supports conservation of wildlife habitat in Padang Lawas, for example by providing prey for tigers and using barbed wire fences.

In long term, funding from Sumatran Tiger Project (GEF-UNDP) and other non-binding sources will be used to support Governor’s Decree revision regarding conflict prevention team.

Coordination meeting which was also attended by Director of KKH, Indra Exploitasia also agreed to establish the Padang Lawas Tiger Conflict Task Force Team, under Padang Lawas Regent’s Decree. Padang Lawas Regent and BPBD (Regional Disaster Management Agency) will act as board of trustee and Head of the North Sumatra KSDA Office will become daily chief executive.



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