Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park Promotes Patrolling Procedures

Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park, supported by Sumatran Tiger Project, promoted patrol procedures (protap) between July 1-2, 2019 at the Regional Office of Bengkunat Region II, Pesisir Barat.

“This patrolling procedures support implementation of patrols so that they can run effectively. The ‘protap’ also accompanied by patrol reporting format so that there is uniformity in reporting. Other attachments could be found in Protap Book and Polhut Pocket Book, “said Jimmy Fonda, SH, Head of Bengkunat Region II SPTN talking about protap in his office.

BBS NP socialized protap book at regional section level and conducted SMART Patrol evaluation at section level.

Socialization was held in collaboration between BBS NP, Sumatran Tiger Project GEF-UNDP, and WCS-IP and attended by four resorts in the region II section of Bengkunat; Way Haru Resort, Ngambur Resort, Pemihan Resort, Biha Resort, MMP (Polhut Partner Community), PEH, PPNPM, WCS patrol team, YABI patrol team, WWF, RC Sumatran Tiger Project.

Agus Hartono, S. Sos, Head of Bengkunat SPTN Region II was resource person for patrol protap. Wawan Eviyanto, S.P, MM, Head of Planning, Protection, Preservation Section was resource person for Patrol Book and Head of North Sumatra National Police Office was resource person for Forestry Pocket Book.

The opportunity was also used to share understanding of contents of the procedure and its attachments, including actions or steps that the patrol team should take when getting findings at field level.

The event also facilitated sharing knowledge session between forest police officers. This event reduced confusion due to lack of clarity in understanding patrolling procedure where it could be consulted with Chief of Forestry Unit as patrol controller.


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