BB KSDA North Sumatra and BB TNGL Join Hand in Tiger Occupancy Survey Training

North Sumatra Natural Resource Conservation Center and Gunung Leuser National Park carrying out training activities on Sumatran tiger occupancy surveys, supported by Sumatran Tiger Project. This activity was held for 7 days between 1-7 July 2019 at Rudang Hotel Berastagi and Siranggas Wildlife Reserve, Pakpak Bharat attended by total of 39 participants.

Head of Gunung Leuser National Park (BBTNGL), Ir. Jefry Susyafrianto, MM, in his direction during the opening of Sumatran tiger occupancy survey training activity, instructed that all participants could follow this activity seriously, including for field practice. “The team that is currently being trained will become core team in occupancy survey activities of Sumatran tigers in region of North Sumatra,” he said.

This activity will be fully implemented by North Sumatra KSDA Team and Sumatran Tiger Project PIU supported by technical resource persons from Forum HarimauKita, SINTAS Indonesia Foundation and WCS-IP.

Collaboration between FHK and several partner institutions has resulted occupancy survey guide that will be used in 2018 Sumatra Wide Tiger Survey (SWTS), database management at field.

The occupancy survey guide needs to be socialized to field survey members from each partner organization involved in SWTS thus joint training is needed for field survey team. Given large number of survey team members, this training applied Training of Trainer (ToT) concept. Participants sent to this training will become field team leaders.

Field team leaders are expected to apply standard methods at field and understand scientific principles in SWTS survey properly and be able to provide appropriate direction to each team member. This training could also used as forum for exchanging experiences between field team members from each organization.


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