Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park Promotes Patrolling Procedures

Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park, supported by Sumatran Tiger Project, promoted patrol procedures (protap) between July 1-2, 2019 at the Regional Office of Bengkunat Region II, Pesisir Barat.

“This patrolling procedures support implementation of patrols so that they can run effectively. The ‘protap’ also accompanied by patrol reporting format so that there is uniformity in reporting. Other attachments could be found in Protap Book and Polhut Pocket Book, “said Jimmy Fonda, SH, Head of Bengkunat Region II SPTN talking about protap in his office.

BBS NP socialized protap book at regional section level and conducted SMART Patrol evaluation at section level.

Socialization was held in collaboration between BBS NP, Sumatran Tiger Project GEF-UNDP, and WCS-IP and attended by four resorts in the region II section of Bengkunat; Way Haru Resort, Ngambur Resort, Pemihan Resort, Biha Resort, MMP (Polhut Partner Community), PEH, PPNPM, WCS patrol team, YABI patrol team, WWF, RC Sumatran Tiger Project.

Agus Hartono, S. Sos, Head of Bengkunat SPTN Region II was resource person for patrol protap. Wawan Eviyanto, S.P, MM, Head of Planning, Protection, Preservation Section was resource person for Patrol Book and Head of North Sumatra National Police Office was resource person for Forestry Pocket Book.

The opportunity was also used to share understanding of contents of the procedure and its attachments, including actions or steps that the patrol team should take when getting findings at field level.

The event also facilitated sharing knowledge session between forest police officers. This event reduced confusion due to lack of clarity in understanding patrolling procedure where it could be consulted with Chief of Forestry Unit as patrol controller.


Training Increases Capacity of TNKS Patrol Officers

Sumatran Tiger Project supported training to identify trees, raffles, carcasses, birds and animal trails, to collect evidence and compile incident reports on forestry crime for field officers implementing SMART (Spatial Monitoring And Reporting Tool) in Kerinci Seblat National Park from 25 to 27 June 2019. The activity is part of PIU Sumatran Tiger Project’s work plan in TNKS landscape in 2019.

Raflesia, carrion flowers, Sumatran tigers, Sumatran elephants and hornbills are curretly parts of TNKS’s Important Values ​​(NPK). It is important to identify these important faunas and floras for better management planning.

Spatial Monitoring and Reporting Tool (SMART) is a tool to collect systematic and valid spatial data which can be analyzed to improve effectiveness of conservation area management.

The training aims to improve the knowledge, skills and work attitudes of officers, so they could be able to produce field data from quality patrol activities. Patrol activities are carried out as an effort to protect the area, retrieve data and information from the field. The ability of field officers to identify potential biodiversity and threats is important to obtain good quality field data.

Theoretical learning was conducted in class at Sungai Penuh Arafah Hotel, followed by 2 days of field practice around KSNP area at Sungai Penuh Resort, Bukit Tapan, Kerinci Regency.

Training Materials consist of:

1. Vision of SMART-based Patrol facilitated by Wido R Albert (FFI IP, Sungai Penuh)

2. Method to identify potential tree data by Dr. Nurainas, M.Sc (Andalas University Lecturer)

3. Method to identify and collect raffle data and carcass flowers delivered by Septi Andriki from Komunitas Peduli Puspa Langka Bengkulu Utara (KPPLBU)

4. Method to identify and retrieve bird data and animal traces by Dr. Wilson Novarino, M.Sc (Lecturer at Andalas University)

5. Techniques to collect evidence and compile reports on forestry crime by Ipda. Jeki Noviardi, SH.

Training participants were representatives of field officers from 15 resorts of the Central Office of Kerinci Seblat National Park, Jambi Region I BKSDA Conservation Section, Kerinci Unit I KPHP, Bungo Unit II KPHP, Merangin KPHP, ICS Padang Aro Lingkar Institute, Sumatran Tiger Conservation – Kerinci Seblat, Conservation Group Mandiri Bangun Rejo, Lubuk Panjang Nature Lovers Group, Pesisir Selatan Regency and Nagari Sako Tapan-Based Forest Protection.


Journalists Visit Gunung Leuser National Park

Sumatran Tiger Project has just finished facilitating a journalist’s visit to Gunung Leuser National Park between 27-29 August 2018. The visit aims to get to know more about the area’s protection activities, especially SMART patrol activities at the Bukit Lawang Resort.

On first day of the visit, the team held discussion with Head of Technical Conservation Division at Gunung Leuser National Park Office, Mr. Adhi Nurul Hadi and his team continued by trip to Bukit Lawang Resort on the second day.

At Bukit Lawang, a team consisting of Journalists from the Kompas Daily, The Jakarta Post, Sumatran Tiger PMU Staff and PIU Staff and WCS Staff, met with the Independent Patrol Team led by Misno.

The independent patrol team received support from Sumatran Tiger Project both in funding and capacity building through partner’s assistance, WCS or Wildlife Conservation Society Indonesia.

The journalist team interviewed all members of patrol team to learn from successful implementation of SMART patrol in Bukit Lawang Resort. In 2017, Misno and the team patrolled 10 times in 96 days with total km walked reaching 204.54 km, almost the same distance as Jakarta to Cirebon.

Findings by SMART patrol team at field became the basis of national park’s planning and decision making to protect Gunung Leuser National Park. The success became positive example in conducting more efficient and effective patrol system, especially when dealing with various kinds of threats in national park areas such as encroachment, hunting, etc.

The SMART patrol team also raised awareness in community on the importance of national park protection and monitored environmental resources and wildlifes to sustain national park area.


Tiger Supports SMART System Development

The Sumatran Tiger project is providing computer equipment that will be used for SMART patrol database. The computer equipment provided consist of 4 Desktop computer units equipped with UPS, 4 laser jet printers, 4 portable WiFi units and 1 unit of scanner ADF (Automatic Document Feeder).

Using SMART database computer equipment, patrolling data and activities can be properly recorded so that patrol activities can be improved, monitored and analyzed in the future planning.

The availability of computer equipment for SMART data center is the first stage for establishing the SMART system in Berbak Sembilang National Park (TNBS). TNBS will assign personnel who become SMART operators through the head of the ballade.

Furthermore, SMART operator training will be conducted by the partner of International Non Government Organization, Zoological Society of London (ZSL). The submission of the computer will be done after the SMART implementation training on 21-25 August.

In order to build the SMART system, the project also supports SMART forest protection patrol activities by Balai TNBS. Prior to the implementation of patrols conducted a patrol preparation briefing with ZSL speakers. In the preparatory meeting ZSL explained the SMART-based patrol implementation techniques to optimize support from the project.

The SMART-based Patrol activities that have been implemented are Tiger Protection Patrol Unit (TPPU) patrols managed by ZSL involving several TNBS Polhut officers.


SMART-RBM Guidelines Published

Sumatran Tiger Project has created another milestone to support tiger conservation efforts. The Project, in collaboration Sumatran Tiger’s stakeholders, has launched 3 SMART-RBM patrol guides to support SMART RBM patrol activities.

The activities were intended to improve management and security in tiger habitat key areas not only in four Sumatran Tiger landscapes namely Berbak Sembilang National Park, Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park, Kerinci Seblat National Park and Gunung Leuser National Park but also in other Sumatran Tiger habitats.

The SMART-RBM patrol guides can be downloaded directly from the Sumatran Tiger website or click the title of each publication at the following link: Publikasi Sumatran Tiger to download the document.


Tiger and TNBBS Initiate Tiger Patrol

The project implementation unit (PIU) of Sumatran Tiger in Bukit Barisan Selatan and the Forest Police team of Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park held a joint patrol in May and June 2017. The patrol was conducted in three places that became the habitat of Sumatran tiger in Merbak and Sekincau in West Lampung and Merpas in Bintuhan, South Bengkulu.

A total of 3 teams, where each team consists of 3 people involving forest police and the police partner community (MMP), participated in this 7 days patrol activities.

The patrol team monitored the spread of wildlife populations and human activities. They also mapped the distribution of threats, wildlife and forest degradation. The patrol teams were trying to raise public awareness about the importance of preserving forests. They were collecting data and mapping forest vulnerability, and also working on forest cases.

Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park is Tiger Conservation Landscape, a landscape devoted to the conservation of Sumatran tigers. The estimation of tiger populations using the Capture Mark Recapture approach in 2002 showed a density of 1.22 tigers / 100 km2.

2015 survey using Spatially Explicit Capture and Recapture method found 3.2 tigers / 100 km2 or estimated at 55 tigers outside the Tampang Belimbing (Tambling) area which has 32 tigers population.


Project Supports ‘Sapu Jerat’ Patrols in TNKS

The Kerinci Seblat National Park (TNKS) is located in four provinces (West Sumatera Province, Jambi Province, Bengkulu Province and South Sumatra Province). The park is facing constant pressures from various sources. Forest clearing for community agricultural land, illegal logging, wildlife poaching, illegal mining, and opening of new roads degrade forest ecosystem.

In order to suppress illegal hunting and other illegal activities, the Sumatran Tiger Project supports trap clearing patrols (Patroli Sapu Jerat) conducted by Forest Police Team and the TNKS Forestry Police Partners, as well as the Kerinci Seblat Sumatran Tiger Conservation Team (PHSKS).

This patrol is focused on several activities including taking Sumatran tiger and other animals snares, documenting and recording direct or indirect encounters of wildlife, as well as threats or damage of TNKS area. Any animal passes over the snare placed by hunter can be a victim.

Tiger and other animal snares patrols in TNKS area were conducted in June 2017. The teams operated in 7 working days in 3 different locations, namely: National Park Management Section (SPTN) Region VI Bengkulu Resort Bengkulu Utara – Mukomuko (4-10 June 2017); SPTN Region I Jambi Resort Kerinci Utara (11-17 June 2017); And SPTN Region IV South Solok Resort Lambai River (15-21 June 2017).

The patrols were also conducted to follow up the patrol result of PHSKS Team in April which found many newly created traps around Ladeh Panjang location (SPTN Region I Jambi Resort Kerinci Utara).

This trap clearing patrols have been successfully implemented. The number of forest ranger attendance on the field increases. The teams did not find a new encroachment point. The number of kilometers of patrols carried out by TNKS officers using this project fund is 56.84 km. The patrols found of 44 meshes and had been able to stop hunting activity temporarily. The patrolling teams also discovered 2 deer (dead), and 2 wild boars (1 still alive) were entangled. The hunters are reluctant to enter the area after 2 months earlier PHSKS team also carried out routine patrol.


Tiger Facilitates SMART Patrol

The Sumatran Tiger project facilitates the introduction of SMART-based patrols and forest safeguards in the national park area from hunting and encroachment activities, in particular the hunting of Sumatran tigers.

The SMART forest safeguard patrol on Berbak Sembilang National Park (TNBS) was conducted in Jambi on 14-18 June 2017 and in Palembang, 15-18 June 2017. This activity aims to internalize the SMART forest protection patrol at Balai TNBS.

Patrol conducted for 5 days, at 3 SPTN (Section of TN Management) at 9 resort that is: Section I: Pematang Raman Resort, Sei Rambut Resort, Rantau Rasau Resort, Section II: Lalan Resort, Simpang Satu Resort, Solok Buntu Resort and Section III: Cemara Resort, Simpang Malaka Resort , Terusan Dalam Resort.

The encroachment within TNBS area that has been observed in the form of taking wood from dead trees due to fire and clearing the burned land inside the park area becomes agricultural land. In this patrol the team managed to seize several evidences; chainsaws and other maintenance equipment.