Where We Work





The Sumatran Tiger project concentrates its interventions in national parks of Bukit Barisan Selatan, Kerinci Seblat, Gunung Leuser, Berbak and Sembilang. Several of these national parks connect to other biodiversity-rich conservation areas; Batang Hari Protection Forest adjoining Kerinci Seblat, and the Ulu Masen ecosystem connecting to the wider Leuser ecosystem.

The project also includes a sample of the forest concessions surrounding these national parks, primarily consisting of production forest. Most of these areas were selected based on an assessment in the project preparation phase.

The Kampar-Kerumutan landscape (0.98 million ha) has already been identified as being strategically important because a portion of suitable tiger habitat in Kampar is being transferred from production forest to Ecosystem Restoration Concessions and this would offer an opportunity to manage this area as a tiger source population for the wider landscape and as a pilot for enabling a positive change in its status.

Besides conserving wildlife, the project aims to enhance the protection all of the main Sumatran forest types, namely dryland forest types on mineral soils : Lowland Forest; Hill Forest; Submontane Forest; and Montane Forest; Freshwater Swamp Forest, Mangrove, and Peat Swamp Forest.